Monday, May 29, 2017

Kota Stone

Kota Stone

Kota Stone is a fine-grained variety of limestone, quarried at Kota district, Rajasthan, India. Many hundreds of mines are located in or near the town of Ramganj mandi and Kota district.
The rich greenish-blue and brown colours of this stone are most popular. It is an excellent building stone. It is mainly used for exteriors, pathways, corridors, driveways, balconies, commercial buildings etc. It is also suitable for use in chemical industries as flooring, wall fixing and lining. Other colors–black, pink, grey, beige.
Polishing brings a shine and smoothness to the surface of stone after cutting into pieces of different sizes and thickness.
The stone flakes; however, periodic polishing using polishing wax can eliminate this phenomenon. Since it is limestone it is not resistant to acid and alkali. Kota Stone competes in the market for its lower cost and longer durability. It is used throughout India specially at railway stations and government offices.
Non-water absorbent
Affordable prices

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